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Brothers, Business Partners, and Crewing Experts

Rewind back to 2013. Paul was working in the local crewing industry and his older brother, Mark, was working as a teacher in Prague. Paul felt pulled to do more with his skills and Mark knew a change was needed in his future, too. 

Paul quickly fell in love with the industry and rose through the ranks thanks to his hard work and dedication to learning. He enjoyed working with the community, challenging himself to produce quality work and services, and loved interacting with local venues and performers. He grew from local crew member to crew boss, and within two years of working as a crew boss, Paul decided to branch off on his own and begin Base Crew in late 2014. 

Paul’s spark for Base Crew came from a desire to improve the industry he loved so much. Unlike other crews and companies, Paul knew he wanted to change the reputation organizations like his had. He wanted to have control over delivering a reliable and skilled crew that could always be counted on to get the job done. His goal was to produce a quality crew that showed up on time, delivered on what they promised, and became a partner for venues to trust and work with. 

Mark & Paul Team Up

Come 2015, Mark left his teaching position and came on board with Paul. Within one week of working together, Mark knew this was what he was meant to do. While Paul handled the front end of things and worked directly with clients, Mark managed the logistics of the business and helped to scale the organization. Within a few years, Base Crew’s reach went from 8-30 members to today’s average of 120 per production.

Cool Number

"The show must go on."

Today, Base Crew works with a variety of productions, from local festivals to headlining international performers. Base Crew supplies staff and builds stages for performances include Pyramid Stage Glastonbury, Other Stage Glastonbury, Reading, Download, Creamfields, and Global Gathering. They also work with performers including Paul McCartney, Ozzy Osborne, Neil Young, Pink, Kiss, Metallica, and Queen, to name a few. 

Every day, Paul and Mark get to work hard with their friends to entertain guests and handle many aspects of event production. They are proud to deliver on their services and always ensure that the show will go on. Base Crew is known for offering the highest quality crew members in the industry and level of service that exceed their competitors. 

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