Stage Builders


Stage Builders

Our crew have experience with many scaffolding systems ranging from Kwikform Cuplock to Layher Allround. We have built festival stages, velodromes, and even underwater structures for olympic events. Our team is proficient in the construction of truss structures and smaller portable stages.

On your builds, we can supply:

- Steel hands
- Plant operators
- Scaffolders
- Climbers

Sporting Events

Imagine seeing those amazing feats in extreme sports or the Cirque du Soleil acrobatics. Each of those venues require precise and highly technical structures and rigging behind the scenes. Let Base Crew do the heavy-lifting for you.

For any event, we can do it all!

- Set up a video wall
- Do quick changeovers from one sport to another
- Construct a palindrome
- Set up cheerleading springboards
- Build ramps for Nitrocircus
- Erect marquees and Big Tops
- Put up MMA cages and wrestling rings

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Ready for our crew to help?

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