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Base Crew is here to assist a touring production and bring hands on deck to ensure a smooth production every time. Our experts facilitate all of your touring production needs. We do everything from running our own payroll to bringing on self employed contractors and smaller crew companies to get the job done. 

We bring extensive knowledge of the local area and will bring solutions to any problems unique to each venue. Whether you’re performing at an arena, stadium, or theatre, we know the ins and outs of each venue. We also have great connections to supply chains and can facilitate all your touring needs.

We are located in the Midlands and are happy to provide crews all over UK.  We are experienced with all sorts of venue setups and can provide:

Stage hands

Base Crew will help in the assembling, disassembling and maintenance of the stage at whatever venue you choose. They will load and unload the props from the trucks, set up lighting, microphones and assemble and place the props securely, move and rearrange the furniture, operate the spotlight, assist with video and sound,


Base Crew runners are comfortable and confident when driving vans, minibuses and cars. They can help you navigate the city with ease and fulfil most shopping requirements. Pre shops are available on request.

Catering Assistants

Our catering assistants assist the caterers by carrying out prep, pot washing, stock control and front of house.

Wardrobe Assistant

Here to help with all your dressing room requirements from costume change to ironing and stitching. Our crew are discreet and polite.


Originally from the nautical realm, sailors would be responsible for maintaining a complex setup for moving and maintaining sails and rigging. Today, we use that term to refer to Base Crew members who set up equipment and prepare it for use at various venues and performances. These crew members are experienced at rigging up equipment to lift and load equipment by using complex strategies and a thorough knowledge of safety protocols. Riggers would tend to be highly realistic people who are independent, stable, practical and thrifty. The job requires them to be physical, athletic and mechanically-minded but with a high dose of caution considering the potential danger if they make an error in calculations.

Stage Managers

This role actively provides support to the director, actors, designers, stage crew and technicians throughout the entire production. Their organizational skills and communication to the rest of the crew will ensure the director’s instructions and direction is known throughout the whole team.

Plant Operators

Base Crew plant operators can use counterbalance, straight mast and telescopic forklift trucks as well as all types of MEWP. They will have up to date tickets for any vehicles they are booked for. And have extensive experience operating under pressure in different types of venues and different conditions.

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