Seasonal and Religious Events


Base Crew is available to help with setup and production of your seasonal and religious events. Whatever the vision, our team can help bring it to life. From Christmas lights and decor to other seasonal events, our crew handles all of these elements. We can also accommodate gathers of large size and will customize your structures specific to your needs. 

Base Crew provides people to help with it all and has equipment including steel hands, fork lift and scissor lift operators, and scaffolders (climbers) for all of the elements you desire. Contact Base Crew to discuss your vision and we will help you put it into action.

Seasonal Event Elements including:

- Lights
- Scaffolding structures for decorating heights
- Speakers for music
- Microphones for announcing
- Roped off areas
- Stages for Dancers and singers
- Orchestra pits
- Choir lofts

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